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Start from $150.00 per day

Designed with premium natural material, the Deluxe room combines modern comfort with traditional architecture features, with soothing views over the garden or the lily lake.

There are 2 designs for this category: white color or brick color. Room allocation will be assigned upon availability

  • View: Garden or Lily Lake
  • Size: 35m2 - including balcony
Premium Deluxe room twin beds Pilgrimage Village

Premium Deluxe

Start from $150.00 per day

Our latest premium deluxe rooms offer a slightly more contemporary style and overlook the peaceful garden.

  • View: Garden
  • Size: Ground floor 48m2, Upper floors 45m2 - including balcony
Family Standard double bed Pilgrimage Village

Family Standard

Start from $150.00 per day

Overlooking the Peanut pool and garden, the family standard rooms are composed of two standard rooms connected by one door, as part of a three-story building.

  • View: Garden and Peanut swimming pool
  • Size: 70m2 - two connected 35m2 rooms, including balconies
Family Deluxe twin beds Pilgrimage Village

Family Deluxe

Start from $150.00 per day

Nestled in the garden and overlooking the lake, the Family Deluxe room is composed of two Deluxe rooms connected by one door, on the same floor, as part of a two-floor building.

  • View: Lake and Garden
  • Size: 90m2 - including balconies
Honeymoon Bungalow cathedral ceiling Pilgrimage Village

Honeymoon Bungalow

Start from $150.00 per day

Surrounded by the lush garden the honeymoon bungalow features a high ceiling, wooden floor, traditional design and its own terrace, combining a heightened sense of space and privacy.

  • View: Lake or Slope swimming pool
  • Size: 55m2 - including balcony

Honeymoon Pool Hut

Start from $150.00 per day

Tucked away and overlooking the Slope swimming pool, the spacious honeymoon pool hut has its own private gate, lush tropical garden and intimate plunge pool.

  • View: Slope swimming pool
  • Size: 110m2 - including garden and terrace
Traditional Vietnamese Pool House bedroom Pilgrimage Village

Traditional Vietnamese Pool House

Start from $150.00 per day

Inspired by Hue traditional architecture, the Vietnamese Pool House is a haven of tranquility with its own private gate, swimming pool, full kitchen, dining room and view over the peaceful lake.

  • View: Lake
  • Size: 130m2 - including garden and terrace