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Unique Cycling Tours


special tour for summer

Hue – the Imperial City situated modesty in Central Vietnam but charged in itself a 700-year history of   vicissitudes – has been a reputable tourist destination. The legacy of the ancient Champa civilization, the Royal Court of Nguyen Dynasty, natural diversity and human adaptively has shaped Hue as a land of harmony and spirituality. It is in this city that Buddhism has been part of local life, and traditions as well as customs have defined an unmistaken art of living: Hue – a city of unchanged slowness.

While in Hue, you should slow down to truly absorb an awakened art of living, touch the Scents of Hue and make yourself available for new chances of transformation.

(Half-day cycling tour from 8:30 to 14:00, home hosted meal, bicycle and boat)
Location: Kim Long village, 5km from Hue’s center
Cycling : 15km in total, mostly flat village road, at slow pace with reasonable breaks, suitable for all ages and all types of bikes.
Duration: Half day from 8:30 to 14:00

A journey around Kim Long village by bicycle is a journey back in time to retrace the glory of the “Great City” (1636-1687) with a cluster of important cultural relics. At some stops at the garden houses hiding themselves after the evergreen hedges, you can listen to the echo of the past through the stories of the hosts. The nostalgic architecture of the garden houses, the family atmosphere, the delicacies and especially Hue etiquette will open up a cultural space in which you will truly perceive Hue’s art of living. Your experience will be more memorable when you are cycling on the paths lined with vegetables, flowers and rice fields on both sides, promising moments of utmost peace.

(Half-day cycling tour from 8:30 to 14:00, home hosted meal, bicycle and boat)
Location: Thuy Bieu village, 7km from HUE’s center
Cycling: 10km in total, mostly flat village road, at slow pace with reasonable breaks, suitable for all ages and all types of bikes.
Duration: Half day from 8:30 to 14:00

Bridging the strictness of the artistically structured Citadel and the grandeur of the richly endowed countryside, Thuy Bieu is an ancient village long known as a symbol of transition and harmony. Beside the multiple well-preserved communal houses, the nostalgic beauty of the garden-houses, their    aesthetic wooden architectures and Fengshui-based gardens, suggest a mingling of royal legacy and rustic lifestyle. In a close proximity, you will explore some original monuments closely attached to the rise and fall of the Nguyen dynasties: the Roman Colosseum styled Tiger Arena hosting duels  between tigers and elephants, the unique temple-cemetery dedicated to the Kings’ loyal elephants, and the long-established bronze casting village.

Cruising on the poetic Perfume River, cycling through green orchards and shady lanes, engaging on some hands-one experience with locals are thoughtfully designed for a relaxing but enriching discovery.

(Half-day cycling tour from 8:30 to 14:00, home hosted meal,
bicycle and sampan)
Location: Thanh Toan village, 7km from HUE’s center
Cycling: 20km mostly flat village roads, at slow pace with reasonable breaks, suitable for all ages and all types of bikes.
Duration : Half day from 8:30 to 14:00

Located only 7km from Hue’s center, Thanh Toan is a peaceful countryside where the scents of an ancient village founded since 17th century is still very much visible through the landscape, temples and way of living. However, you will not really get a taste of rural life until you deeply engage in some hands-on experience. Depending on the season, you will be instructed on some processes of rice farming. Continue exploring the countryside, the village and clans’ shrine house, some typical local workshops before hoping on a sampan and go fishing with traditional techniques. Join a local family and learn to help to cook a traditional meal, with local ingredients. Hanging out “like local” on the intriguing tile roofed bridge, built since 17th century, listening to local chitchatting, chanting folklore verse or having your fortune read by an old charming lady are just a few relaxing moment which offers insights into rural life that you cannot get on any average tourist trail.


  • Pick up/drop-off at Shuttle bus station of Pilgrimage Village (27 Chu Van An street)
  • Tour with well-trained English or French speaking guide. Other language upon availability
  • Quality bicycle with helmets (electric bike on request, no surcharge).
  • All visits, hands-on experiences, local snack, home meal, cold towel, water and local drinks during tour and meal.
  • Hands-on experiences with local farmers for memorable experience
  • Self-prepared and cooked lunch with local ingredient in local home
  • Service charge & VAT invoice
  • Provided: First-aid kits, helmets, life vest (all health & safety equipment), accident insurance with VND 225.000.000 max-coverage (Guests must have their own insurance)


  • Supporting minivan
    Tips, gratuities and personal expenses
    Surcharge if guests cannot cycle, cyclo can be arranged with supplement: VND 225.000 net/cyclo


  • 6 years and younger: free of charge
  • Older than 6 -11 years: half price
  • Older than 12 years: full price

Bookings must be booked at Guest Relation or received by via email 24hrs prior to the commencement of the tour.
Immediate payment is required at reservation and confirmation time.

Helmets, conical hats, simple rain ponchos, water and first aid kit are provided. Loose clothes for     cycling and farming experience; minimal personal belongings are advised.

Remark: Guests should advise which bike type he/she want to use (mountain bike or city bike, size) and if he/she has any special diet request.

(Stay 2 nights for 2 persons)

periods 2 persons
1 May 2018- 30 Sep 2018 Deluxe VND 7.260.000 net/ 2 persons
Honeymoon Bungalow VND 9.020.000 net/ 2 persons
1 Oct 2017 – 30 April 2018 Deluxe VND 7.700.000 net/ 2 persons
Honeymoon Bungalow VND 9.020.000 net/ 2 persons

* please note that all categories are applicable for room & breakfast only, without services.

Hue airport or Hue train station transfer (one way)
One time welcome dinner at Junrei restaurant (maximum 2 persons)
One time experience 1 in 3 choosing of slow travel tour by cycling (maximum 5 hours, maximum 2 persons and including lunch)

Highlights of slow travel tour
An understanding of landscape architecture, feng shui and the philosophies in the garden houses.
A unique theme depicted through the connectivity of the stops, the activities, the food, the interaction with local people and the background information delivered by a dedicated guide.
A great appreciation of the deep rooted wet rice culture and its role in Vietnamese life a profound     understanding of the typical organization and institutions of a historic village.
An unforgettable experience with local farmers and rural life on some processes of rice farming,    picking vegetables, fishing and making local handicraft.
A genuine home meal self-prepared and cooked with local ingredients.

The package additional inclusions:
Early check-in and late check-out upon request & availability.
Welcome tea and cold towel at lobby upon check-in.
Welcome fruit plate in room upon check-in.
Daily breakfast at valley restaurant.
Usage of swimming pool, internet, gym & fitness center.

Daily taichi & yoga class according to resort schedule.
Transfer by scheduled shuttle bus between Pilgrimage Village and Hue city center.
Transfer by scheduled shuttle bus from Pilgrimage Village to 27 Chu Van An for slow travel tour.
Transfer from Pilgrimage Village to Vedana Lagoon by scheduled shuttle bus.
Complimentary Jacuzzi and Sauna for 2 persons one time (maximum 2 hours).

Payment policy: Immediate payment is required. payment will be done on the CREDIT CARD.

Cancellation policy: No cancellation, non-refundable and no amendment.
Any cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the reservation amount. Any amendments are subject to a charge equal to 100% of the reservation amount.

Failure to arrive at your hotel will be treated as a late cancellation and will incur a charge equal 100% of the reservation amount.

This special offer is not applicable for the period 23 December 2017 to 3 January 2018.