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Vedanā literally means feeling or sensation in sanskrit. In buddhist philosophy, an awareness and concentrated focus on Vedanā leads to enlightenment and the end of suffering. It is our intention to provide you with a memorable feeling or sensation that you take home with you, and remember forever in your heart.
Vedanā Wellness & Spa brings you an experience of spa life which we define as LUSH. (Luxurious. Unpretentious. Sustainable. Healthy).
We use no chemicals or artificial ingredients in our spa treatments, taking great care from sourcing to handling to blending these 100% natural ingredients. Where possible, we derive all spa products from our herb garden or locally from sustainable sources fresh from the markets in the morning. All our treatments are pure in style and substance, offering the unique flavours of Hue, Vietnam.
Wellbeing is promoted via relaxing elements in the spa design. Before or after spa treatments, guests may stay in the spa to enjoy the jacuzzi, sauna and herbal steam or rest in grass-roofed shalas whilst sipping on complimentary signature ginger or mint tea. for all body treatments, we offer guests therapeutic-quality essential oils.
Our goal is to indulge guests with a new kind of spa experience, one that touches them in a way that evokes happy memories of Vietnam, yet also designed to relax, rejuvenate and restore via our highly trained spa professionals.
It is our belief that everyone one encounters is a gift. We are grateful for your gift, and hope that you will receive our gift of care and appreciation with our compliments. We wish you a lush vedanā experience.


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